Arctic safety

The challenges related to polar weather must be addressed and handled accordingly to mitigate the risk of human errors to occur. 

  • 59% of hydrocarbon leakage on Norwegian Continental Shelf is due to human interaction

  • Statistics indicate that human error accounts for 80% of accidents

We have developed an innovative technology that informs the users of the current wind chill. Monitoring cold exposure on individuals will improve the efficiency of work operations.

Our solution - designed for the Arctic

How does the cold affect the workers?
How does the cold affect the technology?

Working environment

  • Reduce hazardous behavior

  • Prevent cold-related injuries

  • Improve work efficiency

  • Individual monitoring

  • Increased safety


  • Robust

  • Live data

  • Anti-freezing

  • Maintenance free

How does the cold affect the equipment?

Operational advantages

  • Reliable data for decision-making

  • Works where a competitor fail

  • 3D wind data